Ti-Ratana Welfare Society founder Datuk K. Sri Dhammaratana encourages people to help victims in disaster area

KUALA LUMPUR – January 3, 2022 – The Most Venerable Datuk K. Sri Dhammaratana, Buddhist High Priest of Malaysia, encouraged the population to help the flood victims by visiting disaster areas where possible, to experience first-hand the hardships faced by the victims. It can also provide mental and physical support to victims and help them rebuild their homes destroyed by the floods.

According to him, it is a personal blessing to be able to help people in distress and give them a helping hand, and in return he gets joy and satisfaction beyond words and can even sow good karma for the community. next life.

He is also the founder of the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, and recently he visited Pahang Bentong with more than 100 volunteers to distribute the relief collected by the center to the flood victims and led the volunteers to clean the houses. victims for reconstruction.

The activity involved the Kuala Lumpur 4X4 Adventure Club and a group of volunteers who volunteered to help people, with the cooperation of Bentong City Council.

Initially, they were supposed to travel to three disaster areas to distribute supplies and assist the victims, but they were hit by a landslide as they made their way to one of the areas that prevented them from advancing.

“We will be monitoring closely over the next few days and as soon as the weather permits, we will deliver the supplies to this location. “

He said that when he and the volunteers saw the devastation caused by the flooding, they were shocked and grateful that most of the victims survived and hoped they would continue to do so.

“We all saw with our own eyes how severe the flood damage was, we are glad we were not affected and we feel lucky for it, but we can hardly imagine how we would cope if we were in the disaster area. . Meanwhile, we also sympathize with the flood victims, whose homes and businesses were destroyed, and now they don’t know how to get back on their feet and rebuild their homes and businesses. ”

The goods they sent to the affected areas include pillows, mattresses, clothing and some household items, he said.

He mentioned that as the year 2022 approaches, he also prayed that the Covid-19 pandemic ends as soon as possible and that people can live happy and healthy lives this year; he also prayed that Malaysia would be safe from natural disasters and people could live and work in peace and security.

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