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The ancient Dorians were well aware of the legend of Medusa, the most beautiful of the three Gorgon sisters, who provoked the ire of the goddess Athena by frequenting a god. Athena’s revenge was to turn Medusa’s once enviable hair into a lair of poisonous snakes and turn Medusa’s fiery gaze into an icy gaze. The Greek hero Perseus decapitated Medusa performing his own tricks while Medusa’s still deadly locks were returned to Athena as a trophy and placed on the goddess’ symbolic shield.

To celebrate her 85th birthday on Friday, the 2022 Krewe of Dorians Ball Invitation and Legend Favor remembered the legend of Medusa.

Reigning as prom queen was Miss Vivienne Claire Lapeyre, daughter of Mr and Mrs Andrew Buckley Lapeyre.

Her Majesty’s First Maid was Miss Mary Kathryn Shelton Fitzpatrick, daughter of Mr and Mrs Brian Christopher Fitzpatrick. Her Majesty’s maids were Misses Katherine Grace Bickford, daughter of Mr. Kenneth Wayne Bickford and Mrs. Magdalen Blessy Bickford; Camille Margaret Fowler, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Edmond Fowler; Carol Frances Guidry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Collin Guidry; Kaitlyn Claire and Marigny Marie Lanaux, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Paul André Lanaux; Martha Grace Benedict Lapeyre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lapeyre; and Claire Marcelle Perez, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Christian Perez.

The ladies-in-waiting were Miss Colleen Marion Lee Fowler, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Fowler; Lydia Rice Greene, daughter of Mr. Landon Ronald Greene and Miss Peyton Pettit Greene; Sloane Alexandra Paysee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. René Sylvain Paysee Jr.; Elizabeth McLundie Bolton Schmidt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Justin Burton Schmidt; Helen Claire Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles David Thompson Jr.; Katherine Kelleher Tober, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robert Tober; and Lucie Ellann Williamson, daughter of Mr. George Taylor Brodnax Williamson and Mrs. Mollie Talley Williamson.

Their Majesties’ pages were Masters William Ritter Benedetto, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shayne Leonard Benedetto and Mrs. Mallory Herlevic Benedetto; Konrad Thomas Bernard, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Wogan Bernard II; Brooks Hunter Lagarde, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Kepper Lagarde Jr.; and Henry Haik Roux, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Louis Roux III.

The chairman of the court committee was Mr. Thomas Carter Jahncke, assisted by the vice-chairmen MM. Honored George Aschaffenburg, Alan Guy Brackett, Charles Kelleher Hardin, Arthur Seldon Mann III, Thomas Joseph Mitchell, John Charles Saunders Jr. and Justin Burton Schmidt.

Immediately following the ball, a Queen’s Breakfast was held at the New Orleans Country Club.

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