Statement by the European Club Association on Super League plans involving Manchester United and Man City

The association which represents the interests of football clubs across Europe rejected the European Super League proposals and insisted it wanted to work with UEFA on Champions League reforms.

Media have said that the Premier League’s ‘big six’ are among 12 clubs to have signed plans to create a super league, which could be confirmed imminently.

Manchester United and Manchester City are both reportedly part of the plan to form a separatist league, which would not involve any promotion or relegation.

But UEFA and the Premier League have made clear their opposition to the plans and the European Club Association (ECA) has also distanced itself from the proposals.

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli is reportedly one of the breakaway league vice-presidents but he is also president of the ECA, which has now opposed the plans.

Their statement said: “In light of today’s reports on the subject of a so-called separatist league, the ECA, as a body representing 246 big clubs across Europe, reiterates its commitment stated to work on developing the UEFA club competition model (UCC) with UEFA for the cycle starting in 2024 and that a “closed super league model” to which media articles refer would not be strongly opposed by the ECA.

“The ECA refers to the position adopted by its Executive Board at its meeting on Friday 16 April, namely that it supports a commitment to work with UEFA on a renewed structure for European club football as a whole post 2024, including proposed changes to the UEFA Club Competitions post 2024. Together with the ECA supporter, the UEFA Executive Committee is invited to approve these commitments at its meeting on 19 April, while continuing its efforts to reach an agreement on the future relationship between ECA and UEFA.

“The ECA Board of Directors will meet over the next few days to make the appropriate decisions in light of any new developments.”

Neither United nor City have made a statement on the plans so far.

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