Shrewsbury Wargaming Society looking for new members

Founding member of the Shrewsbury Wargames Society, Keith Underhill

The Shrewsbury Wargames Society was founded in 1969, as an after-school club at Priory Boys School, and members play all aspects of tabletop wargaming – fantasy and historical – as well as board games, role-playing and painting figures.

“As a society, we have grown enormously in recent years,” said committee member Thomas Corbett, 28.

“We love being able to provide a fantastic space for all wargamers and boardgamers, old and new, and being part of the fantastic community here in Shrewsbury.

“Post-lockdown, everyone seems keen to get back to their hobbies and do a lot more. We had two years of isolation where you couldn’t do things together, other than through a computer screen, and now people want to meet face to face and buy more of their time.

“It was fantastic and we got more and more people interested. It’s a growing hobby and it’s a real mix of age groups.”

Anyone aged 14 and over is welcome to join the Shrewsbury Wargaming Society, whether they are a seasoned player or new to the hobby. The company has its own dedicated clubhouse in Lancaster Road, Shrewsbury, with ample parking space.

You can find out more about the band in the just-released Shropshire Magazine.

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