SGA Explains Funding for Student Clubs and Organizations at Presidents Roundtable

Benjamin Smith, chair of the Organizational Affairs committee and chair of the second year class, hosted a small event on November 4 to talk to chairs of different student organizations about the funding available and to encourage some collaboration on campus.

The presentation mainly focused on how different student organizations have to go through different funding channels, and some do not have all the channels that others have.

All student organizations receive funding from the SGA, which receives money from the Mercer University Credit Council. The money can be regular organizational funding – or “Bear Grants” – special funding, seed money for new organizations, funding for conferences and accommodation and even some for food, provided that the event is cultural or educational. All funding can be requested through the SGA website.

Club sports and religious life organizations receive their funding more directly, whether it is Recreational and Wellness Sports for club sports or local church sponsorships for religious life organizations.

Smith is hosting the event due to common misconceptions about LMS processes. He said there had been a recurring issue where organizations did not get their funding on time and then had concerns about receiving the money after the fact.

“My goal was to let these organizations know about the funding available to them, and I think it went really well,” Smith said. “Some organizations don’t get their funding on time for certain events they have, so they have to spend money out of their own pocket.”

The Presidents’ Roundtable is usually held twice a year, the first in early November and the second in mid-spring.

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