Report: Sir Martin Broughton and Todd Boehly groups confirm Stamford Bridge redevelopment plans

Consortia led by Sir Martin Broughton and Todd Boehly are considering bringing down Stamford Bridge on a stand-by-stand to ensure the club does not have to settle temporarily, should their bid for Chelsea succeed.

Raine and Chelsea have confirmed the final shortlist of four shortlisted before the April 11 deadline for final offers and proposals to be made. The consortiums of Boehly and Broughton were selected for the next step with the Ricketts family and the offer of Stephen Pagliuca.

While plans are being made public on what the bidders hope to do if their bid is successful, plans for Stamford Bridge from two of the parties have now been confirmed, as reported by the Telegraph.

After the Ricketts family confirmed in their eight-point commitment to explore all options to redevelop Stamford Bridge and do everything in our power to continue playing at this historic stadium‘, the Boehly and Broughton consortia have now shown their stadium card.

The two plan to consider redeveloping the stadium without having to destroy all the ground and risk having to leave west London for four or five years.

They talked about rebuilding Stamford Bridge stand by stand, just like Liverpool have been and are doing with Anfield.

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The new owners are said to be seeking support from Chelsea Pitch owners, and it is claimed Boehly’s consortium would be open to canceling the £8m currently owed.

Talks will take place this week with Chelsea officials ahead of next Monday’s deadline. Head coach Thomas Tuchel admitted it would be better if he didn’t get involved in such talks.

He admitted: “This club is close to perfect, at least for me. I don’t know exactly now what I would present. I would speak from my heart and speak from my experience and speak openly and honestly


“Maybe it won’t be that different from what you hear from me now because I’m actually very happy and very impressed with the level of support and organization and the mentality here at the club, and in the club I mean here in Cobham, of course, because that’s where we are on a daily basis.

“So I don’t know if they need to hear that from me and if they’ll talk to me. I don’t even know if I’m that keen to play a significant role in this process. Once the decision is made , maybe we will get to know their ideas and then try to adjust and get to know each other but now is not the time I think.

“I think right now it’s not my role to step in and convince anybody and have preferences. I’m just not here for that and I’m happy not to be involved in this. If my opinion is needed, it’s needed. when we adjust our expectations and when the decision is made, then we get to know the new owners and get a sense of the new structure, and if there’s a new structure.”

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