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From Dan – My how time flies. About ten years ago, I witnessed the birth of luxury beer clubs, with The Bruery at the helm. Myself and my friends here at SoCal weren’t sure what tomorrow would bring us, and we could often maximize club allocations, set up trades with the other side of the country, knowing we were a privileged few with access to beauties aged in Bruery barrels. It’s fun to think of all the boxes I would personally send from The Bruery. Fast forward to now, and I can now retire from being a big beer distribution bootlegger, as The Bruery will now ship Reserve Society products to 8 states, including their home territory, California. Below are some details of our partners, show them love, which will show us love in return.

Société de la Réserve Bruery 2022

(Placencia, CA) – Bruery’s first beer club, the Reserve Society, opens memberships for registration once a year. Places for this premium subscription are limited and fill up quickly. Membership benefits include access to exclusive beers, a 15% discount on all purchases and much more. View the full list of benefits and get all the answers to your questions about the Reserve Society here.

Of course, the best part about membership is the beer, and next year’s lineup is shaping up to be delicious. Members of the 2022 Reserve Society can look forward to beers such as Cobbled Together, the successor to fan favorite Piearesquare; a brand new Firestone Walker collaboration, as well as several other exciting collaboration beers; Bragg Racer, a raspberry and vanilla treatment of bragots aged in bourbon barrels from 2021; and other exciting variations of past favorites including Coconut I’m So Happy It’s Thursday, Siesta Saturday, Petit Mardi, and more.

Jeremy Grinkey, Production Manager for The Bruery, notes “These exclusive beers are always our favorites because we have the most fun with experimentation and innovation. From new additions and variations on old favorites to new brewing techniques and styles, Reserve Society is our playground for new beers.

Looking for the perfect gift for the craft beer lover in your life? This year, the Bruery makes it easy to offer a subscription, just one click and they will receive an immediate welcome gift with a personalized message from you, followed by 4 quarterly shipments of 3 bottles of 750 ml (12 bottles in total) throughout the year . They will benefit from all the access and advantages that would be enjoyed by a regular member of the Reserve Society. The cost to offer a Reserve Society membership is $ 400 (+ tax) and includes shipping costs. The same great beers, simply made easy to offer! Find out more about donating to the Reserve Society here.

Visit for all benefits, beers, and Reserve Society 2022 registration details. Be sure to follow @TheBruery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and for more details visit Please contact [email protected] with all questions.

About the Bruéry

The Bruery is a thirteen-year-old craft brewery located in Orange County, California known for its innovative, inspired, and forward-thinking beers that push the boundaries of what beer can be. In addition to two tasting rooms in Orange County and a store in Washington DC, The Bruery operates three premium beer clubs: The Preservation Society®, The Reserve Society® and The Hoarders Society®. The Bruery offers direct-to-consumer delivery in the states of California, DC, PA, VA, VT, ND, OH, and NH, as well as nationwide distribution in 29 states.

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