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This year has been difficult for many people, even as the pandemic is loosening its grip on Flagstaff and the rest of the world to some extent. While things improved in 2020 in a number of ways, health and economic issues persisted for many.

It makes an annual Daily Sun tradition more important than ever as we try to recognize the work of countless people in this city.

Here’s one way to give thanks as the holiday season approaches: Honor a coworker, neighbor, acquaintance, or someone you’ve admired from afar with a Flagstaff Citizen of the Year nomination.

The Daily Sun has sponsored the award for more than six decades, and it now includes three categories: Male Citizen, Female Citizen and Organization of the Year. The award recognizes someone who has made Flagstaff a better place over the past year as a volunteer, not as part of their main job. It can be a single project or an ongoing cause. Civic groups can nominate this year’s outstanding member, but it can also be a family member, neighbor or friend. Young, older, or in between – there are no limits to these rewards.

There is also no formal application process. Just email [email protected] and let us know why you think the person or organization has made Flagstaff and their region a better place to live through their volunteer efforts. If you have any questions, call Editor Chris Etling at (928) 556-2274 or Editor Colleen Brady at (928) 556-2279. Please keep submissions under 500 words, or they may be cut from the nomination file that goes to past winners. Include the text in the body of the email or as a .doc attachment, please; no PDF if possible. Applications will be accepted until the end of the month.

The winners will be announced in the newspaper at the start of the New Year. Judging will be made by a panel of previous winners and not by the Daily Sun. Past winners are not eligible; see list below.

Cheryl Blume and Carl Taylor, 2020; Rose Toehe and Dr David Spence, 2019; Lina Wallen and Ken Lamm, 2018; Lora Trujillo and Barry Brennan, 2017; Brenda Silveus and Neil Weintraub, 2016; Sally Veazey and Jim David, 2015; Karen Kinne-Herman, Becky Lewis and Billy Weldon, 2014; Sarah Cromer, Gene Munger and Nat White, 2013; Mary Hostetler and Dr Henry Poore, 2012; Barbara Packard, Hal Jensen and Joe Ray, 2011; Paula Stefani and Doug Rade, 2010; Bunny Gaylord and Jack Welch, 2009; Pam Turner and Bill Packard, 2008; Molly Munger and Dr Richard Haag, 2007; Sister Elizabeth Carey and Dr John Caskey, 2006; Susie Garretson and LaVelle McCoy, 2005; Stéphanie Rust and Mike Cromer, 2004; Marj McClanahan, Jim Driscoll and Chris Bavasi, 2003; Jan Newton and Danny Neal, 2002; Patricia Hecht, Patrick Nackard and David McKay, 2001; Julianne Hartzell and Jim Dykes, 2000; Catharine B. Adel and Bill Williams, 1999; Florence Karlstrom and Dr Walt Taylor, 1998; Hazel Robinson and Joe Donaldson, 1997; Barbara Cline and Paul Sweitzer, 1996; Lee Harsh and Douglas Jackson, 1995; Kay McKay and George McCullough, 1994; David Vaselaar and Peg Hebets, 1993; Jack Duffy and Doris Harper White, 1992. Also, Judy Feldstein and Pastor Harry Benson, 1991; Harold Weller and Nina Poore, 1990; Katherin Chase and John Montfort, 1989; Eugene M. Hughes and Barbara Conley, 1988; Dr William Gaylord and Nancy Warden, 1987; Pat B. Curry and Nancye Setser, 1986; Marshall Knoles and Lorraine Curry, 1985; Anne Tinsley and Manuel D. DeMiguel, 1984; Frances B. McAllister and Dr J. Otto Berg, 1983; Helen Earnshaw and David D. Chase, 1982; Rayma Babbitt Sharber and John J. Gisi, 1981; Phyllis Manning and Dr Frank Besnette, 1980. Others include Billie Williams Yost and Reverend William Denlinger, 1979; Robert Blaser, 1978; Henry Giclas and Robert Nauman, 1977; Platt Cline, 1976; Agnes Allen and John W. Stilley, 1975; H. Stuart Houston and Virginia Downum, 1974; Ralph Bilby, 1973; Dr Garland Wood, 1972; Bernice Giclas and Esturgeon Cromer, 1971; Harry Brown, 1970. Other previous recipients are Dr Minnie Roseberry, 1969; State Senator TM Knoles Jr. and Douglas Wall, 1968; Mayor Rollin Wheeler, 1967; J. Lawrence Walkup, 1966; Viola Babbitt, 1965; Ethel Sechrist and John G. Babbitt, 1964; No beneficiary, 1963; HV Emblen and Ione McCauley, 1962; and Walter Bennett, 1961.

SO, 2020; Catholic Charities, 2019; Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, 2018; Friends of the Northern Arizona Forests, 2017; DREAMS, 2016; Forest Highlands Foundation, 2015; Flagstaff Leadership Program, 2014; Poore Free Medical Clinic, 2013; Flagstaff Science Festival, 2012; Friends of Camp Colton, 2011; New House of Hope, 2010; St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, 2009; Raymond Educational Foundation, 2008; Flagstaff Community Foundation, 2007; Court-appointed special advocates, 2006; Sunnyside Neighborhood Association, 2005; The PEACE project, 2004; Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth, 2003; Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault, 2002; Theatrikos, 2001; Toys for toddlers, 2000; Museum of Northern Arizona, 1999; Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, 1998; Coconino County Victim / Witness Services, 1997; The American Red Cross, 1996; Coconino County Literacy Volunteers, 1995; Northland Family Support Center, 1994; Flagstaff Family Food Center, 1993; Northland Hospice, 1992; The American Legion and Legion Auxiliaries, 1991; Flagstaff Sunrise Lions, 1990; The Flagstaff Elks Pavilion, 1989; Flagstaff Soroptimist Club, 1988; Also, Sheriff’s Posse of Flagstaff, 1987; No winner in 1986; Flagstaff Exchange Club, 1985; Flagstaff Relief League, 1984; Big Brothers of Flagstaff and Big Sisters of Northern Arizona, 1983; Pilot Club of Flagstaff, Inc., 1982; Flagstaff Corps, Salvation Army, 1981; Board of Trustees, Flagstaff Symphony, 1980; Flagstaff Civitans, 1979; United Way of Flagstaff, 1978; Rescue mission in the sun, 1977; Auxiliary at Flagstaff Hospital, 1976; and Coconino County Search and Rescue, 1975.

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