Organization Targeting Adams County Offers ‘Philanthropy For People Who Don’t Have Time For Philanthropy’ | New


QUINCY – An organization dedicated to helping Adams County nonprofit organizations is looking for more people who care.

“We invite the community to join and be a part of it,” said Laura Sievert, one of the founders of 100 Women Who Care Chapter in Quincy and Adams County.

“The other big news is that we allow men,” she said. “We’re going to open it to 100 people who care.”

Members of 100 Who Care pledge to donate $ 400 per year, or $ 100 per quarter, and meet four times per year.

Each member appoints a nonprofit they care about, and three nominations are randomly selected at quarterly meetings. Members who nominated selected nonprofits have five minutes to “present” that organization’s mission to the group.

The entire group then votes, and the top voter receives a check for at least $ 100 from each member – or a donation of $ 10,000.

“Part of the group’s draw is that this whole process takes an hour. You eat for an hour, drink a few glasses of wine, and donate $ 10,000. It’s kind of philanthropy for people who don’t have time for philanthropy, ”Sievert said.

The next group meeting will be on Wednesday December 8 at the Quincy Country Club.

“My favorite part of the group was learning about nonprofits in the area that I don’t know much about,” Sievert said. “Even with the nonprofits that are not selected, I hear five minutes from someone who is really passionate. “

All donations are tax deductible and unrestricted, giving the recipient the flexibility to use the funding.

“A lot of money in nonprofit land is limited to a particular purpose. You can’t just spend it on what you want, ”Sievert said.

But unrestricted gifts help recipients meet unexpected needs. The organization’s first beneficiary, Quanada, had plans for the money, and then his HVAC system needed a major repair. “They used that funding to pay for the repair of the shelter’s HVAC system,” Sievert said. “It’s a big expense that they haven’t budgeted for. “

Joining the group is one way to make a difference in the local community.

“When you combine these $ 100 donations, it can have a huge impact,” Sievert said. “In this group there is so much momentum, you really make a big difference.”

Designated nonprofits must be located in Adams County and be a 501c3 organization.

Previous recipients include Hospitality House, Quest Stables, Friends of the Performing Arts for Quincy Public Schools, and United Way.

Launched in February 2018 by Sievert and Joi Cuartero Austin, the organization is quickly approaching donations totaling $ 200,000 to local nonprofits.

“We believe in the power of small donors, in the ability of our nonprofit community to do amazing things,” Sievert said. “We touch all sectors and have an impact right here where we live. They are truly an inspiring group.

The organization quickly surpassed its initial goal of 100 members and maintained a constant membership base. But like many organizations, she experienced some attrition during the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to virtual meetings and check-in presentations before resuming events in person in June.

“We’re looking to bring people back,” Sievert said. “It’s really inspiring to have people come together who are excited to donate money to something in town. “


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