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ELYSBURG – The Ralpho Bridge Club reunited for their regular game on August 9 with the following results, in first place, Bill Tyler and Alice Pensyl with 6.5 points; second place, Dale and Ferne Krothe with 5.5 points; third place, Dave Brosious and Cleon Dodge with 5 points; fourth and fifth place, Dave and Diane McKinley with Bob Reed and Eloise Reed with 3.5 points respectively.

After being canceled due to extreme heat and humidity, the “Bridge in a Barn” is scheduled to take place Thursday, August 25 at a historic working barn (100-year-old farm). It has tongue and groove floorboards, hay in the left and right haystacks and updated LED lighting. People who find it difficult to move around can step onto the barn floor to leave their passengers outside, then step back. Start time is 1 p.m. Players whose spouses are not playing can view the farm and have iced tea on the front veranda.

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