Organization helping young people to pursue a passion and develop friendships

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – “It teaches you more core values ​​and mental attributes that you need to take to the next level,” said Cedric Sabin of Vipers Track Club.

Vipers is a year-round program that gives children the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Central Illinois children are part of this community organization, which aims to raise children and help them grow into young adults.

“It kept me busy and also taught me a lot of life lessons. Coach Lowe taught me a lot of life lessons. It’s more of a bigger goal and it keeps me in line,” Sabin said. In its thirteenth year, Vipers currently has 99 athletes, the largest group in its existence.

Marques Lowe, director of athletics at Viper, says the team is a perfect way for kids to gain national exposure, earn scholarships and set themselves up for success. “They have these great tool life lessons to take to the real world, so whether it’s respect, trust, responsibility, all those good things, life lessons that will take them far,” Lowe says.

Cédric’s mother, Patience says that this organization has been a big part of their life, “a lot of people have been saved by this program and I think him and me too as a mother. Like it gave me something I could do with my son all the time. I have other relatives I can talk to too. You know, it’s like a community, like it’s a special group.

Alyssa Williams, another participant attending the Nationals in Sacramento next week, echoes the same message of values ​​this organization teaches her and so many others. “Personally, I really like the family atmosphere and the fact that we’re all pushing each other and also the fact that we’re really learning and improving,” Williams said.

Sabin, who joined the program when he was 13, says the vipers have had a huge impact on his life. “There are a lot of valuable people in my life who are raising him up, so he has a lot of value in himself, the core and that brings him up the rankings as well,” Sabin said.

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