Organization donates masks to Lunzu secondary school – Malawi 24

On Friday, Mzati Youth Organization donated 650 washable face masks worth K150,000 to Lunzu Secondary School as a way to address face mask challenges among school students.

Mzati Youth Organization executive director Lawrence Kumpama said they noted that students were neglecting to wear face masks and other Covid-19 measures because they could not afford to to buy and therefore thought it was wise to take up the challenge.

“In schools like this, the chances of spreading Covid-19 are high. And this time we saw a lot of students not wearing masks.

“And it’s not just in this school that students are ignoring face masks, but also in other schools. So today we thought it was wise to give them masks as a way to fight Covid-19,” Kumpama said.

He added that by giving students face masks they believed they would be complying with Covid-19 measures.

“We trusted them and we hope these masks will help them so that they can prevent the spread of Covid-19. And as young people, they must always know that they are the assets of change, so if they can be at the forefront of the fight against this pandemic, surely we can defeat it,” Kumpama added.

Meanwhile, Kumpama urged the general public not to neglect but rather to continue to follow preventive measures for Covid-19, especially the wearing of masks.

Mzati Youth Organization, which believes in change among young people, focuses on promoting education, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and socio-economic development of young people through advocacy, training and development. capacity development.

Speaking after receiving the donation, the principal of Lunzu Collins Champiti Secondary School expressed his gratitude to the Mzati Youth Organization for the donation.

“We are very happy with the donation as most of our students did not have masks and the good thing is that these masks are washable which will reduce the challenge for some students to search for money to buy a mask every days.

“As the school management, we bought buckets and soaps for them to use every time. These buckets are placed at the entrance of each classroom to ensure full adherence,” Champiti said.

Champiti expressed his gratitude to the Mzati Youth Organization for their decision to come every Friday afternoon for motivational talks and also to set up a child abuse club.

The donation cost the Mzati youth organization around MK 150,000.

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