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The OU Beekeepers Association recently launched their new website for their fall sale.

The OU Beekeepers Association is a student organization “that educates and engages with the community to raise awareness of the importance of bees,” according to their Twitter organic.

The organization’s website has a wide range of products that customers can purchase, such as honey, lip balm, shirts and buttons, stickers, and pure beeswax. All the honey they sell comes directly from the organization’s beehives, which they harvest and bottle themselves. Likewise, wax and lip balms were also made directly from beehive wax this year and assembled by club members.

The Beekeepers Association website will be accepting orders until their fall sale ends at 11:59 p.m. on October 17, and the site will close entirely at 11:59 p.m. on October 22. Orders will be ready for pickup before the Thanksgiving break, according to an email sent by the organization.

While the honey has run out since Thursday, October 14, people can still buy shirts, stickers and lip balms made from beehive wax. There will be a few jars of honey when they are sold in person in November, however.

Tori Wierzchowski, head of community health and environmental studies and co-chair and co-founder of the OU Beekeepers Association, said she was thrilled to see people enjoying the honey from their hives.

“It’s always exciting to have someone in the beehives for the first time and see how much fun they are learning to handle bees,” Wierzchowski said in an email. “We even have a few members who are now interested in keeping their own beehives thanks to the club! We have almost 100 students trained to work with bees which is amazing considering that each of these students took an hour out of their evening to attend a training session with us.

Wierzchowski said the fall sale aims to share what the bees have provided to the association with the rest of the student body.

“It’s also helpful to be able to put funds aside in case we need to replace equipment or buy more bees,” Wierzchowski said in an email. “Plus, a lot of the honey you find in the store is full of artificial sweeteners and it’s just not the same as raw, unfiltered honey that comes straight from bees.”

The fall sale is currently up on the OU Beekeepers Association website. For more information, you can also follow their Instagram and Twitter.

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