NTV Chowdary fired from Jubilee Hills company

In a significant development, media baron T Narendra Chowdary of popular broadcaster NTV has been sacked as a senior member of the Jubilee Hills Cooperative Society for engaging in various improprieties in the society during his tenure.

The decision was taken at the general meeting of the Jubilee Hills Cooperative House Building Society Limited on Sunday following a unanimous resolution. The meeting also resolved to cancel Chowdary’s membership in the Jubulee Hills Club.

Along with Chowdary, the main memberships of four others – CV Rao, Murali Mukund, Hanumantha Rao and Kirali Rajeshwar Rao – were also canceled and their club memberships were also revoked.

The action was reportedly taken pursuant to Section 21 of the Telangana State Cooperative Act.

“For the first time in the last 30 years, a record number of over 750 members attended the general meeting and unanimously decided to take action against the five defendants,” said the president of the company B Ravindranath.

It may be mentioned that in June 2021 Jubilee Hills Police filed a case against Narendra Chowdary who was the former President of Jubilee Hills Cooperative Housing Society and others in connection with the conspiracy scam in the upscale neighborhood.

Chowdary and others are said to have registered land in Jubilee Hills worth at least Rs 50 cr in the name of a person who claimed to be a non-resident Indian for a sale consideration of Rs 1.91 lakh and then created a deed of gift in the name of B Srihari.

Ravindranath alleged that the defendant created forged and fabricated documents to secure registration of the land 30 years after it was awarded to a Sirisha who is now settled in the United States.

“The registration was done by the then office staff in collusion with the Deputy Registrar without any representation from the NRI and verifying the person’s identity,” he alleged.

Note from A. Murali Mukund, Secretary, Jubilee Hills Cooperative Housing Society

The procedure led by the president of the housing cooperative Jubilee Hill unilaterally expelling the members is illegal and invalid.

Appropriate show cause notices are not given and the opportunity is not offered to anyone.

The 51 investigation against past and current committees is ongoing as well as cases pending in the High Court and Tribunal relating to several irregularities.

When such cases arise , it is not appropriate to expel members with a dictatorial approach .

The housing company is bound by a cooperative deed and the club is bound by a separate social deed. Therefore , the decisions of the housing company are not binding on the club .

The decision to evict appears to have been personally motivated and not in line with the rules.

Because I exposed the irregularities committed by the current committee, they are taking vindictive action against me.

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