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Benjamin ‘bnj’ Rabinovich, who joined the Valorant team from NiP on January 16, was benched on April 26 and has now become a free agent. This became known from the player’s Twitter account. Esports did not explain the reasons for such a decision by the club’s management, but spoke of the start of the search for a new esports organization in which it could continue its path to success. .

During his time at NiP Brazil, Benjamin Rabinovitch was able to successfully qualify in the closed qualifiers for the VCT 202 Brazil Stage 1 Challengers, then take 2nd place at the VCT 2022 Brazil Stage 1 Challengers himself and receive a reward of 15 $820. At the beginning of April, the team again achieved the best performance, but this time as part of the 2022 VCT stage qualifiers for South American teams. It didn’t bring any money, but did provide NiP with a trip to Valorant’s main event, VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavik, which had a prize pool of $675,000. There the team could not show an excellent performance. NiP is on the 9th-10th row of the tournament table out of a possible 12. They were rewarded with a consolation prize of $15,000 + 150 ranking points. Based on the fact that after 2 days bnj was transferred to the bench, this result was, to say the least, very unsatisfactory for the management of the eSports organization.

Benjamin ‘bnj’ Rabinovitch started his career as a professional Valorant player in May 2020. He managed to play in clubs such as Undead Gaming, Catolica Esports, Meta Gaming, KRU Esports and NiP. He won two victories in tournaments such as VCT 2021 LAS Stage 2 Challengers 1 and Argentina Game Show Cup 2021. For the victory in the first he earned $2,500 with the team, and for the triumph in the second – 2 $454. The most important achievements of his career can certainly be called 7th-8th place at the VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik, where he and his KRU Esports mates won $25,000, as well as 9th-10th place at the VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters Reykjavik, where he received with NiP $15,000. Where bnj will continue his career is currently unknown. We await further announcements.

NiP list by Valorant

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  • Flight Walney ‘Jonn’
  • Gabriel ‘bezn1’ Louise da Costa
  • Cauan ‘cuanzin’ Pereira
  • Gabriel ‘v1xen’ Martins
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