News – Celebrating Nubia with the Toronto Society

May 17, 2022

The Toronto Society recently hosted a Nubian Cultural Heritage event featuring curator Dr. Rita Freed and in collaboration with the Sudanese Community Association of Ontario. Tia Sager of the Toronto Society shares more information with us below.

“After two years of virtual conferences, the Toronto Society was pleased to host its first in-person conference since the start of the pandemic on April 26, 2022 at the Faculty Club at the University of Toronto. Dr. Rita Freed of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts gave a lecture entitled “The Empires of Ancient Nubia”, in which she presented the incredible richness of the cultural and archaeological heritage of ancient Nubia. The conference was proudly organized in collaboration with the Sudanese Community Association of Ontario (SCAON), whose members attended the conference and honored the guests with a pre-conference cultural performance. Participants in the cultural performance included SCAON members: Seama Elkareem, Mona Ashiger, Syan Khalifa, Shadi Mahqoub, Mahir Ibrahim and Yasir Mahagoub (pictured). We were also fortunate to have with us Mr. Tarig Abusalih, Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan in Ottawa. The lecture was followed by a lively question and answer period, and Dr. Freed launched a major advocacy campaign to raise awareness for the preservation of Nubian cultural heritage. We are very grateful to Dr. Rita Freed, Mr. Tarig Abusalih and the Sudanese Community Association of Ontario for their collaboration in this momentous event!

It looks like the event was a huge success and definitely worth the wait after two tough years!

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