Matt Shadows gets the Midnight Society Founder’s Pass from Dr Disrespect

  • Just a few days ago, Dr. Disrespect, a YouTube streamer for Call of Duty Warzone, announced the release of 10,000 NFTs by his studio Midnight Society.
  • Lots of people have been buying released NFTs, including Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) lead singer Matt Shadows.
  • Avenged Sevenfold is the creator of DeathBats Club, an NFT channel consisting of 10,000 unique arts inspired by A7X’s famous bat logo.

Another NFT for Matt Shadows

Rival of iFerg and co-founder of Midnight Society, a game development studio, Dr. Disrespect has released his highly anticipated NFT collection of 10,000 variants with his studio. Many people admire this collection and try to get their hands on it.

Among these people is Avenged Sevenfold lead singer Matt Shadows, who is also an NFT enthusiast, having acquired BAYC, CryptoPunks, and many other NFTs. Apart from that, he is also involved in creating the DeathBats Club, a collection of 10,000 unique Deathbats (logo of A7X), on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Dr. Disrespect NFT Collection exists on the Polkadot blockchain and is priced at $50 per coin. As the Midnight company’s official website describes, there is no paid benefit associated with the Founder Pass, but the acquisition will gain accessibility to game development, a DP with in-game utility, access to events of studio and governance power over game features.

A7X’s Deadly Bat Club

In December 2021, Avenged Sevenfold released the DeathBats club, a collection of 10,000 NFTs, depicting the band’s logo in distinct styles, each having something unique.

Deathbats Club grants its owners access to an exclusive Deathbats Club. A7X songwriter and lead vocalist Matt Shadows explains that he entered the cryptocurrency industry in 2015.

But his major interest ignited as soon as he came face to face with CryptoPunks, an NFT collection that creates 8-bit art featuring punky portraits, which was released on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017.

According to Matt Shadows, CryptoPunks holds a special place in his heart because he is an individual raised in a pixelated age, which is why he understands art with heart.

Going back to Deathbats Club, A7X’s NFT channel is the first to blend a musical act with the power of blockchain technology, making the band the pioneer in rewarding fans with perks in the metaverse and crypto. -change.

Each of DeathBat is distinct in its own way and can be owned, acquired, sold, or traded.

Once 10,000 is hit, the only way to enter the Deathbats Club is to acquire a bat from its owner. This ensures the development of a tight-knit community of fans who all genuinely want to be part of the club and creates the possibility for these non-fungible tokens to grow in value.

If you’re not familiar with NFTs, they’re virtual collectibles that persist on the blockchain, a technique for storing information in a way that makes it impossible to hack or alter.

Many top celebrities have acquired or launched their NFTs including Eminem, Snoop Dogg, etc.

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