Local organization donates to HHS Astronomy Club | Schools

On April 25, the Hiawatha High School Astronomy Club received a generous donation from the Hiawatha Masonic Lodge. The $1,000 donation will send 2 middle school students from Hiawatha Middle School to Cosmosphere’s space camp in Hutchinson.

At camp, students will be part of Mission: Moon Shot. They will work to carry out a mission to observe the Moon from lunar orbit. Campers will launch high-powered rockets, program Spheros using JavaScript to send a coded message, and produce a press conference where they will discuss their upcoming lunar mission.

Mr. Nolan Sump, a gifted special education teacher, said the goal of the HHS Astronomy Club is to educate our students about stars, galaxies, and the science and technology that go with them.

“We understand middle school students’ interest in learning about space and we want to support them as much as possible,” he said. motivated for a potential career in this field of study.

Jamie Carwell, who presented the donations on behalf of the Hiawatha Masonic Lodge, said the Masonic Lodge believes in promoting seven liberal arts and sciences, including astronomy.

“We promote a comprehensive culture, science and math education for our citizens, and by supporting an organization like the school’s astronomy club, we can contribute to the success of young people in our community,” Carwell said. .

The Hiawatha Masonic Lodge donated an additional $110 to the HHS Orchestra Department to purchase 2 new songs for the Cheer and Concert Band for the 2022-2023 school year.

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