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Alicia Overby spent her entire childhood around horses, but until recently her opportunity to show them was non-existent.

Growing up on the same farm and in the same house she now owns, with her husband and four children, Overby has grown from a child eager to ride a horse to a mother riding alongside her children and vying for a title.

“Growing up on our farm we had a lot of horses but we never had the privilege of showing them off or doing a game show or anything,” Overby said. “After I grew up I moved and ended up taking a 15-year break to have kids and live in the city. About nine years ago, when we bought the farm from my parents, my oldest decided on her own that she liked horses.

After listening to two years of constant pleading and demands for a horse or pony, the Overbys decided to look into the matter.

“We bought the first horse about five or six years ago, and it was really quick. We’ve gone from zero horsepower to seven now, ”said Overby. “When the kids all decided they liked horseback riding, I was selfishly and subconsciously very excited. I kept thinking that maybe that would mean I could start riding again.

After a few years of guiding her children and teaching them to ride on their own, Overby was able to get back in the saddle on her own and pursue her childhood dream.

The family began exhibiting horses, joined 4-H, the Northwest Saddle Club of North Branch as well as the Western Saddle Clubs Association (WSCA), and quickly bonded with the equestrian community.

“When we started showing, I quickly realized that there was a big, huge group of people willing to help a mother of four who was new and had no idea what she was doing,” Overby said. “It was these people and these relationships that really pushed me to get involved. In the last couple of years we’ve really gotten into the horses and our lives have really changed that way. “

In 2017, the family got more involved in their local saddle club and Overby took over the horse riding and winter games shows, and her children got more involved in youth programs and committees. .

Overby, along with her daughters, decided to run for the royalty of their club, and Overby won the title of Queen, while a girl won the title of Princess of Fun.

After being crowned Queen of the Northwest Saddle Club, Overby has been in contention for the title of Queen of the Western Saddle Clubs Association, a title for which 16 other women are also in contention, along with four other titles.

“How many times are you a saddle club queen and can you run for another queen title when you’re where I am in life,” Overby said. “I decided this would be a really fun opportunity that I would really appreciate. I think I bring a different platform than a lot of the competition. I bring a different idea of ​​what I can represent within this organization and that is the family aspect, which is really the object of the whole organization.

“Developing and encouraging that this is really a family event is the part that really excites me, talking about how the whole family can be involved whether they ride or not is something I happy to share, ”added Overby.

In the past year alone, Overby has also become head of the family’s 4-H club, Lakeside Victory.

“I stepped up and run our 4-H club, which is a huge business, but the reason I really wanted to run it was because I think 4-H has all these things you need to know but nobody tells you about it. , and I really want to be that person, ”Overby said. “I want to be able to be the person the new mom can turn to for information and to feel welcome. And even if I don’t have all the answers, which I won’t have, I want to be able to direct it to who has them.

It is this passion for families and the spread of the 4-H community in the region that has driven Overby to this point, and what she hopes will continue to lead her to the 2018 WSCA Queen title.

As Queen Overby would take what she’s done and transfer it to a larger scale, being able to reach out to the larger 4-H community will be within her grasp, and she hopes to use that to encourage more families. to be part of the organization.

“As the queen of the club, I can attend events on my own or as a full court, events like the horse show, state fair and clinics,” Overby said. “As Queen of the WSCA things would be similar, but on a much larger scale. I would host the Queen’s Banquet and Clinic, and there are also prizes that come with the title, including free use of a horse trailer for the year and the ability to compete in the National Finale Rodeo at Las Vegas.

While Overby would love to be a part of the National Finale Rodeo, her primary focus remains family and her ability to encourage other moms to embrace their passion and not just teach their kids how to ride, but to ride and ride for themselves.

As the queen contender of the Western Saddle Clubs Association, Overby is also selling raffle tickets in cash until September 23, for the benefit of the WSCA royalty. For more information on the raffle or to purchase tickets, contact Overby via Facebook at www.facebook.com/aliciaoverby.

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