Lions Club honors Richard Proehl for 50 years of service to the organization | News

The International Association of Lions Clubs on Tuesday recognized Rep. Richard Proehl for devoting 50 years to the service organization.

Lori Horton, district governor-elect, read an official letter from Lions Clubs International president Douglas X. Alexander to Proehl.

“Your commitment to provide many years of service as a member of our association is honorable and commendable as you have touched the lives of many people,” the letter reads. “From the smallest project to the largest enterprise, your years of service have made an impact in this community.”

“The ripple effect of your service has touched the lives of many and given us the opportunity to celebrate, commemorate and continue to let our passion for service shine through. We give our service with heart and together , we make the world a better place for everyone.

Horton congratulated Proehl on his honor.

Proehl received the Chevron award.

In addition, Verlyn Bolinger, President, presented Proehl with a plaque.

Proehl said he was first sworn into the club at a district meeting in Colby. He moved to LaCrosse, then to McCune and Altamont, and finally to Parsons, retaining his membership with each move.

“Thank you very, very much, I appreciate it,” Proehl said, as he was greeted by standing applause from other members and family at the event.

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