Ketanji Brown Jackson is an administrator at the school with racially segregated groups for middle school students

The Georgetown Day School, where Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson serves on the board, hosts racially segregated clubs, euphemistically called “affinity groups,” for middle and high school students.

GDS describes these racially segregated groups as “safe spaces”. The website states that “most” of them are open to “allies”, but goes on to define an affinity group as “a group whose members share a particular identity”, continuing to note that groups “can help identify, interpret, interrupt and dismantle sources of oppression or discrimination.

The college’s only two affinity groups are for “mentoring students of color,” which excludes white students. The description of the college mentorship program reads as follows:

“The MS SOC Mentorship Program continues to provide community support to all students who identify as Black/African/African American, Asian/Asian-American, Middle Eastern/Middle Eastern American, Native American/Native American/Indian of American, Latinx/Hispanic, and/or Bi-racial/Multi-racial ancestry.

Some of the high school affinity groups include Spectrum, a club for LGBT students, and others for specific ethnic and racial backgrounds. There are also clubs called Young Colored Women and Young Colored Men, both of which are open to all students of the respective sex except whites.

One group, called “Feminisms for the Gender Marginalized,” embraces left-wing lies about sex and gender when they falsely claim that “gender is neither binary nor fixed.”

There are even affinity groups for parents, including one for LGBT parents and others for black, Asian, and Hispanic parents.

Georgetown Day School is one of several private schools affiliated with the left-leaning National Association of Independent Schools that welcomes racially segregated affinity groups in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion .

The Federalist previously revealed that the Georgetown Day School hosted critical race theorist Denisha Jones to speak with kindergarten students from the Black Lives Matter week of action. The campaign, which Jones helps lead, aims to turn children into vehicles for left-wing activism on issues related to gender and race.

Georgetown Day School did not return a request for comment.

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