Karnataka: Canadian MP Chandrakanth Arya visits home village, says society dictates how a country works | Bangalore News

Canadian MP Chandrakanth Arya and his wife Sangeetha congratulated Ravindra Kala Nikethana in Tumakuru

TUMAKURU: Canadian MP Chandrakanth Aryaaccompanied by his wife, visited his native village of Dwaralu in Sira taluk of Tumakuru district and offered prayers at Goddess Lakshmi Temple in nearby Gajjigarahalli district on Monday.
Arya met her childhood friends, relatives and the people of the village. Arya and his wife, Sangeetha, were commended at Ravindra Kala Nikethana in a program jointly organized by Sri Siddhartha Educational Institutions, Rotary Club, Lions Club, Chambers of Commerce, Halappa Foundation, The Adarsha foundation and the Mathruchaya organization.
Responding to a question about his opinion on politics in India during a conversation with reporters, Arya said, “I don’t know about Indian political parties and the political system. So I have no comment.”
“The difference between Canada and India is society. In a democracy, you get what you deserve and you shouldn’t blame the government and the parties. In Canada, we are afraid of people because society is strong. If I don’t work, I won’t be elected and if my government doesn’t work, people won’t elect it. The strength of society dictates how the country operates.
During an interactive session, he said, “I will introduce a bill in the Canadian Parliament proposing the celebration of a Hindu Heritage Month every year. He said that Canada is a multicultural country. “People from more than 150 countries live there and we respect everyone’s culture. It has been planned to celebrate November as Hindu Heritage Month,” he said.
Arya, 58, is a member of the Liberal Party and an alumnus of Bangalore University and Karnatak University. During his last election, Arya made a statement in Kannada to the Canadian Parliament, garnering wide appreciation in Karnataka. After congratulating Arya and his wife, former MP CM G Parameshwara said: “If I had been in Australia, I would have become an MP.” He said he was proud of Arya, who has served as MP three times. He said Arya is chair of a seven-nation committee on city planning and education and also a member of the international trade committee.


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