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“It’s a difficult population to work with and we understand that,” Fuller said. “But they need help, they need food and that’s what we are doing.”

He fears that their organization may go without a home longer than in the short term.

The social agency received a lifeline from the Nanaimo Foodshare Society to use its commercial kitchen.

Porridge, soup and sandwiches are prepared at the Pine Street location, packed and then delivered by volunteers.

“We’re trying to make sure that as many people as possible get fed,” Fuller said.

He is convinced that they have the financial means to acquire a suitable long term space with a dining room to fulfill a key motto of feeding people with dignity and respect.

“Having a place where they can come in, sit, socialize a bit if they want to and get out of the routine.”

Fuller noted that the Salvation Army’s New Hope Center began serving pancake breakfasts on an interim basis in response to their reduced service.

Andy Bellwood is a regular customer of the 7-10 Club who has eaten less since the closure of the association’s usual house.

“It’s a daily factor in most of our lives that are on the streets here, unfortunately we miss it,” said Bellwood. “We desperately need another place.”

It’s not just the street crowd that relies on the 7-10 Club, Bellwood said.

“Low-income people who have families and children depend heavily on this resource which has been abruptly closed. “

Bellwood is hoping the next 7-10 club will be located downtown.

The 7-10 Club Society has been operating in Nanaimo since 1985 and serves over 100,000 meals a year Monday through Friday between 7 am and 10 am.

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