Internet looks at “standard” practices in society that “are not acceptable”

Thousands of people have weighed in on a Reddit post questioning which aspects of everyday life are accepted as acceptable when in reality they are not.

In a publication voted over 19,000 times, with over 15,000 comments, user u / BigCook8220 asked the internet, “What is so normalized in today’s society that is wrong?” Although the post in its entirety was removed from the platform, that hasn’t stopped users from giving their two cents.

Reviewers have noted everything from “non-skippable ads” to “work when sick”. Since Reddit is a platform that is used around the world, the answers have come from users around the world.

In 2016, the BBC published an article titled “The Psychology Behind the Subtle Pressure to Work When Sick”, which cites research suggesting that “if you work while you are sick you will perform worse than you are. more likely to make mistakes and you will be less vigilant. “

According to a University of East Anglia study, the BBC said employees who feel pressured and stressed by co-workers or bosses and those who are “highly motivated” show up for work when they are sick. On the other hand, employees who might feel harassed or discriminated against in the workplace “will feel more anxious about asking for time off.”

A now-viral Reddit post got people talking about what societal standards they believe are correct, even if they are not. This stock image shows a woman who is sick at work.
Antonio_Diaz / Getty Images

Of course, this was written before the COVID-19 pandemic, when staying at home during illness is necessary for those infected with the virus.

One commentator on the wire recalled a time when they worked at Sam’s Club making roast chickens and felt compelled to work despite being sick.

“… I once had food poisoning and they threatened to fire me if I didn’t come in,” the Redditor wrote. “So there I was, making those roast chickens that everyone loved, while constantly running to throw up and [sh*t] my brain, but I had bills to pay and I couldn’t be out of work. It was right after the 2008 recession, so finding work in my area has been terrible. “

Other standards noted included seeing “celebrities or the ultra-rich as role models”, “taking videos of other people without their consent”, “children’s beauty pageants” and “throwing cigarettes on the floor”.

In 2019, National Geographic reported that approximately $ 6.5 trillion in cigarettes are bought globally each year, of which only an estimated one-third ends up in the trash. The article explains that it is not only the plastic in the filters that is harmful to the environment, but also “nicotine, heavy metals and many other chemicals”.

France banned beauty pageants for children under 16 in 2013 “in an effort to protect girls from being sexualized too early,” NBC News reported at the time. The law provided that anyone who entered a child in a competition risked up to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.

In 2009, it was estimated that about 5,000 children’s competitions were held in the United States with 250,000 children entering each year, ABC News reported with babies as young as a few weeks old competing.

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