In case you missed it: The organization is working to improve the skills of children with autism

A local autism organization hosted its monthly Building Connections LEGO Social Club on April 9.

The club’s efforts are aimed at improving social interactions and community skills for children and adolescents with social difficulties associated with autism spectrum disorders.

Children and adolescents who participate in this club are able to improve their verbal and non-verbal skills, their social interactions with their peers, peer play, learning to share and other aspects that will benefit them now and later in life.

The organization shared the results of building LEGO in the lives of children and teens who participate in the club.

“There’s a lot of research that Lego is a therapeutic program for people living with autism spectrum disorder, and so we did our own data and we showed an increase on a five-point scale, we’ve showed an increase from level four to five for our children,” said Tish Bartlett, executive director of the Autism Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

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The children and teens in the club have improved their peer interactions, being able to direct themselves when they arrive in the building and communicate with their peers.

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