How to get a loan?

Loans have become a daily routine for almost every one of us. Previously having liabilities was a bit shameful and it allegedly demonstrated a lack of human financial responsibility.

But today, even the richest and most influential people and businesses have different and varying degrees of commitment. Since interest rates are low all over the world and in Lithuania, it would be unwise to miss out on a loan.

That’s why so many people today are using a variety of loans, from home loans to instant loans


All the loans found between these two types of loans, from short-term consumer loans to long-term liabilities to finance the acquisition of large assets, are also in demand.

But surely you are in demand for instant loans and other instant loans online. The basic convenience, easy access and easy loan arrangement put these loans at the top of their popularity. According to the latest data, only slightly less than half a million people had liabilities to fast credit companies. A couple of years ago, the number of such people was well above this symbolic limit of half a million people. The latest statistics are available on the Bank of Lithuania website.

It is precise because fast credit is most popular that we will focus on it and try to answer the question “how do I get a loan?”

How do I get the cheapest instant credit?

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Asking about getting a loan would be pointless: people still know more or less how to borrow. But even for the ignorant, such information would not be very relevant. The key is not how to get a loan, but how to get the cheapest loan, or in this case how to get the cheapest instant credit.

There are a few simple steps you should take to achieve this goal.

  1. Start with the most basic preparation for credit: Make sure you have a functioning bank account and that you can access it through online banking. This will be necessary to verify your identity before you receive credit.
  2. Make sure you have a good enough credit history. Getting a loan with a bad credit history can be more difficult than having no problem with your credit history. This is one of the most important creditworthiness assessment criteria that a lender must perform before deciding who to lend to and under what conditions. You can also assess your creditworthiness by simply visiting your personal credit history system.
  3. Now we are moving to more concrete steps. The first is choosing a credit company. Probably the best way to find the cheapest credit would be to compare all Lithuanian lenders and their offers and then choose the best one. The problem is, there are more than a dozen creditors in Lithuania, which means that such a comparison can take a long time. Fortunately, there are Weird Sisters who have done all this work and offer you a look at the results for free. This is the easiest way to choose the cheapest loan, as there is almost nothing to do: just verify the information provided and the correctness by visiting your chosen lender.
  4. Then there are several formalities: creating your own account in the creditor system, ie registering on the creditor page; confirmation of your bank account and identity by transferring to the creditor’s bank account EUR 0.01, ie one euro cent.
  5. Well, then you just have to put your signature on the credit agreement. True, here you should be alert and fully aware of the terms of the contract. There may be cases where a cheap loan is only so long as no other charges are payable, that is, only for the purpose of measuring interest, and other charges amount to an amount that makes the loan unattractive. Therefore, both the level of administrative charges and other potential charges (such as credit delay charges) must be properly assessed.

That’s it: just a few steps to find and get the cheapest instant credit!

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How long does it take? Depends on the particular lender, but in almost all cases credit can be expected within one hour of signing the loan agreement. Today it is still possible to get a loan in as little as 15 minutes.

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