Health camp organized by AOA

On December 12, a free health camp was held at Express Zenith Company, Sector 77, Noida. The company’s apartment owners association took this initiative in association with a local health laboratory. The camp provided a free full body exam and BMR scan camp at the Zenith Express club at the company premises.

About 135 residents have registered at the health camp. In the camp there was a facility for blood tests for children. Both adults and the elderly were offered full body exams.

Devendra Singh (38), secretary of the AoA, said: “These kind of free medical camps are set up with the aim of providing free medical advice and raising awareness about their health. These camps make sure that people get health care at the right time and see the doctor early enough before a small health problem becomes serious. “

Mukesh Bhatt (40), a resident of the company, says: “A very good initiative taken by AOA. We have asked AOA to organize similar camps in the future.

Santosh Kumar Singh, (42), another resident of the company said: “The residents have asked AOA to organize a camp where we can see a lot of people show up for their medicals. The residents showed their interest and it was a very good initiative taken by AOA. The event was very well organized. Now we are waiting for another health camp in the future. “

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