Fuel for Life Grant: Gnarly Nutrition Offers $15,000 to Positive Impact Groups

Does your local sports group participate in important social, cultural or environmental projects? Gnarly Nutrition continues its commitment to supporting the outdoor community with its new $15,000 Fuel for Life grant. And you are invited to apply.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on iRunFar and has been modified for GearJunkie.

Gnarly Nutrition is a nutrition product company known for its sustainability, conservation and stories that promote its underlying values. And now the brand is expanding its community involvement by offering a new grant program to support running and cycling clubs. The Fuel for Life Grant can provide significant funding to an outdoor sports organization with ambitious goals.

With $15,000 up for grabs, Gnarly Nutrition is looking for a club, group or organization focused on creating positive change in their local community.

Whether you have an established running group with a history of getting more people to wear running shoes on the road or trails, or your growing organization promotes the conservation of outdoor recreation areas, Gnarly Nutrition wants to hear about it.

Running groups can do more than just run; (photo/Gnarly Nutrition)

Who can apply?

Gnarly Nutrition invites all types of running and cycling clubs, as well as other groups with a connection to the brand’s products, to apply for the grant.

Whether you are a non-profit group, an established business, a local running group, or someone starting a new initiative, you may be eligible to apply for the grant.

If your sports organization has tried to start a project that could benefit your area, the outdoor sports community or an environmental organization, this is your chance.

Grant recipients can put the grant money to various uses. These include going to events and paying registration fees, organizing and managing their own event, paying for web development to grow their organization, and many other community-related activities to feed the mission of a group.

Applicants must be based in the United States.

Running groups can be a great source of community; (photo/Gnarly Nutrition)

Choose a grant recipient

Gnarly Nutrition will choose the winner through a series of steps, including a public vote to limit the initial nominees to the top 100. Then, a panel of athletes and brand partners will make the final selection.

As candidates progress through the selection process, they will become Gnarly Ambassadors. Then they must complete tasks ranging from organizing community events to organizing trail clean-up days to volunteering at local events. They will document their activities on social media so that the public can follow and learn more about the grant applicants.

At the end of the selection process, the winning group will receive $12,000 to help fund their mission. They will also receive $500 in Gnarly Fuel2O plus a variety of other Gnarly products.

In addition, the audience’s favorite project or group will receive a $3,000 People’s Choice Award.

The initial application window runs from June 15-30, so start thinking about how your group could use the funds and apply now!

What are the goals of your running group? ; (photo/Gnarly Nutrition)

This article is sponsored by Gnarly food. Learn more about the Fuel for Life Grant.

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