FIFA is trying to push through the biennial World Cup | European Club Association

The group which represents Europe’s elite football clubs has said FIFA’s proposal to stage the World Cup every two years would be “destructive”.

The European Club Association has accused the world governing body of trying to ‘advance’ its plans, which are led by former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

The ECA has reminded FIFA that it has “legally binding obligations” to consult with clubs on the future of the International Match Calendar (IMC).

“The ECA has followed with deep concern and concern FIFA’s launch of active public relations campaigns and much contention, apparently seeking to push ahead with IMC reforms, in particular the introduction of a Cup World Biennial,” the representative body said in a statement.

“Given the centrality of IMC to club football and club football to IMC, ECA reiterates in the clearest possible terms that any decision relating to its future can only be taken with the consent of the football clubs, with player welfare at heart – and in accordance with legally binding obligations which would normally not need to be reaffirmed.

“In short, IMC reform must be based on jointly agreed outcomes, balanced in the interests of all, following honest and detailed consultation – and not simply in the singular interest of FIFA. on the back of a series of PR campaigns.”

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