Farid el-Atrash Fan Club Association to commemorate Magda’s 1st birthday on January 17th

FILE – The late star Magda el-Sabahi

CAIRO – January 14, 2021: The Farid el-Atrash fan club association will commemorate the first birthday of the famous Egyptian star Magda on January 17 in the Awlad el-Am banquet hall in Giza.

Artist Adel el-Sayed, president of the association, will talk about the most important artistic roles that brought Magda together with the great musician Farid el-Atrash.

The ceremony also includes recitations of poems and honors a number of association members, including artists and singers who participated in the association’s celebrations in memory of musician Farid el-Atrash in Bayt Al-Suhaimy. and El-Hanager Center for Arts in the Egypt Opera.

Magda was born in Tanta and obtained a French baccalaureate. His father was an employee of the Department of Transport. She began her artistic life at the age of 15 unbeknownst to her family and changed her name to Magda so that she would not be discovered.

His real beginnings date back to 1949 with Ismail Yassin in the movie “El-Naseh” directed by Seif el-Din Shawkat.

Magda entered the production business and founded Magda Company for Film Production. She has won numerous awards at the Damascus International Festival, as well as at the Berlin and Venice International Festivals. She also received an award from the Ministry of Culture and Guidance.

She married in 1963 to artist Ihab Nafie, and gave birth to her daughter Ghada. After her divorce, she never remarried.

Magda played a leading role in the Film Society and was considered one of the most prominent actresses in Arab cinema.

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