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Ammon news – The head of the Royal Court Yousef Issawi, head of the monitoring committee for the implementation of the initiatives of His Majesty King Abdullah, on Saturday inaugurated development projects in the refugee camps of Baqa’a, Souf and Gaza in the Balqa and Jerash governorates, which the king promised during his previous field trips in the region and his meetings with dignitaries and representatives of the camps.

The main objective of the initiatives is to achieve sustainable social and economic development with a positive impact on the target groups in urban, rural and Badia regions.

In Balqa, Issawi inaugurated the Civil Society Institutions Building in Baqa’a Camp, a fully furnished and equipped 550 square meter facility, where he removed the commemorative plaque and visited its eight sections.

In Deir Alla district, he handed an impoverished family the keys to their new home, which was ordered to be built as part of the king’s vision to ensure decent housing for low-income groups across the country.

In Jerash, the head of the royal court inaugurated the Comprehensive Development Center in Souf Refugee Camp, which has been built and fully furnished to the highest standards. He visited the premises, which include a hall, offices and shops with a total area of ​​1,300 square meters, in addition to a stadium.

In Gaza camp, he visited a local club multi-purpose sports hall and other facilities, the construction of which was part of efforts to empower local youth to serve local communities and involve them in the development process, in particular in the sports and cultural fields. .

Issawi also checked firsthand the progress of work to establish a community rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in the camp.

As part of the royal initiatives, projects have been launched in recent years in all the refugee camps with the aim of achieving development in the sectors of health, education, infrastructure, social care, economy and sport, as well as the empowerment of women and youth, rehabilitation of the disabled and recreational facilities.

Royal initiatives also include the maintenance and rehabilitation of housing for poor families, equipment for civil society institutions and multipurpose rooms as well as support for associations and local institutions.

Issawi told Petra in an interview that Her Majesty constantly leads the implementation of service and development projects in the refugee camps as well as government measures, the provision of high quality basic services to improve living conditions. target groups and support for sports and youth clubs. and influential associations, which are “an essential pillar of the development process”.

The royal directives, he stressed, underline the importance of cooperation between all state institutions to alleviate the burdens and challenges faced by local communities, noting the ongoing coordination between the monitoring committee of the Royal Court and its partners and stakeholders to translate the Royal Directives. in action.

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