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The Elkford Project Society has a new plaque to raise awareness and commemorate the many cash donations it has distributed throughout the community since its inception in 1971.

The plaque says that to date, $ 913,464.34 has been donated, including $ 158,747 in interest-free loans. According to longtime company secretary Carol Redhead, that total is from March 2021. A new tally from June 2021 brings the total donation to $ 926,964.34.

“There have been so many donations over the years that we just couldn’t have a plaque with each separate donation,” said Blaine Borys, president of the Elkford Project Society.

The company was founded when Elkford was still a brand new town. It aimed to help local clubs get started.

“There was nothing here but people and a few houses. A lot of people lived in trailers in the beginning, waiting for houses to be built, ”Redhead said. “So it was like, ‘There’s not much to do in town here, so let’s get this club together and see if we can donate to get things done. “

A significant portion of the initial funding came from Fording Coal employees, who would donate $ 2 of their salary per month to the company.

The vast majority of funds still come from Fording River Operations employees who agree to withdraw $ 2 per month from their salary. The fundraising fund has grown over the years, with some teachers and Elkford District staff and boards also agreeing to donate. Some employees of the Green Hills mining operation also donate, as well as some employees of Teck of Calgary.

Much of the original money was spent on youth sports, with some going to early infrastructure. Now, most organizations in town have had a piece of the Elkford Project Society pie.

“There are almost every organization in Elkford that got the money, even the gardening group,” Borys said.

Here are some examples of more recent donations: $ 20,000 to the Elkford Community Enhancement Society for park equipment for children; $ 22,000 for the Elkford Snowmobile Association towards a snow groomer; $ 10,000 for the Wapiti ski resort to improve the kitchen; $ 13,500 for Elkford High School for cross-country ski equipment.

In 2020, a total of $ 25,302 was paid, and as of June 2021, $ 30,118.12 had been paid, according to Redhead.

The money donated remains in the community of Elkford.

There are a lot of new people in town, and a lot of people don’t know about the Elkford Project Society, Redhead said. The new plate aims to improve this.

“It was an incredible thing that wise people came up with in 1971 to help our city. “

The plaque will be hung in Teak Hall at the Elkford Community Conference Center.

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