Egyptian Association of Clubs reveals new regulations to fight racism

Egyptian Association of Clubs (ECA) board member Amer Hussein has revealed that there will be new regulations to tackle racism in Egyptian stadiums.

Egyptian Club Association president Ahmed Diab announced earlier this week that supporters will finally be allowed to watch Egyptian Premier League matches from the stands, for the first time in nearly a decade.

Each team will be allowed to have 1000 fans for each match, which means there will be a maximum of 2000 fans per match.

Amer spoke about the decision and revealed that it would be possible to increase the number of participants over time.

“It’s a good start, although the number of fans is relatively low. Ahmed Diab, the president of the association, has promised to increase the number if the situation improves. Clubs are now responsible to their fans to preserve this, ”Hussein told ONTime Sport 2 TV.

“The fan entry mechanism will be determined between Diab, the Interior Ministry and the Tazkarti company. The idea will be presented to all clubs ahead of its announcement before the start of the season.

“We are awaiting the official announcement of the dates for the Club World Cup, in order to unveil the final Egyptian Premier League schedule, as the tournament takes place over 10 to 15 days. There is also the African Super Cup, and Al Ahly will participate in both tournaments.


“If we announce the schedule and the World Cup starts and causes Al Ahly’s national commitments to be postponed, there would be a problem. Therefore, we are taking our time to announce the timetable, ”he added.

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The ECA also revealed that a new compulsory tournament will be held this season, the League Cup, and Hussein explained the format.

“Everyone knows the sensitivity of the situation and what happens when a delay occurs without considering circumstances beyond our control. The calendar will be clear until the African Cup of Nations, when we will play the League Cup, ”he continued.

“It will be three groups, each group has six clubs and we will take the first of each group with the second best to hold the semi-finals. There will be no pressure on the schedule because each team will play once every five or six days, and the clubs will be ready for the return of the league, ”he assured.

The former EFA board member also explained why the league will be postponed for almost 200 days during the 2021/2022 season.

“We have an international break in November for the matches of Angola and Gabon, then the Arab Cup in December, then the African Cup of Nations in January and February. Then we have the two World Cup playoff games in March, the total of those commitments alone is 100 days, ”he explained.

“The four clubs participating in the African competitions, assuming they go all the way, they will have 13 matches. If we give each team a three-day rest before the game and four days after, or vice versa. We are therefore talking about 13 times 8 days, which is equivalent to 104 days.

“The only thing we have decided on is that the clubs have to play league matches between the group stage matches, so that we can rest them in the quarter-finals and semi-finals because they are games playoffs, “he continued.

Hussein concluded his statement by announcing new regulations to control any racist incidents in the stands.

“We have better regulation than any other, the important thing is to implement it. The racism clause is new and there are three stages to go between the referee and the observer, ”he revealed.

“The first step is to stop the match, and if the supporters continue their behavior, both teams will enter the locker room for 15 minutes, and the third step if this behavior is repeated the match will be suspended,” he said. concluded.

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