Climate groups launch ‘Cost of Inaction Ticker’

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Today, the Climate Action Campaign (CAC), Sierra Club, Poder Latinx, Change the Chamber*Lobby for Climate and other climate advocacy groups launched the “Cost of Inaction Ticker”. Built on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Ticker is a visual representation of the relationship between delayed climate action and the increased cost of inaction.

The Cost of Inaction Ticker represents in dollars the cost of weather disasters that are expected to become more frequent and intense due to climate change. NOAA estimated that the average cost of $1 billion extreme weather events averaged $148.4 billion per year from 2017 to 2021 through the first quarter of 2022. Based on recent trends, every second that pass without climate action costs at least $4,700 ($148.4 billion divided by 31,536,000, or the number of seconds in a year).

The tool comes amid growing calls for Congress to pass critical investments in climate, justice, jobs and clean energy. The Ticker is supported by the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE), Dream Corps Green For All, Earthjustice, Environment America, Michigan Clinicians for Climate Action, National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) and Women United in Faith, among others. Learn more about the Cost of Inaction Ticker.

“In 2021, the United States experienced more than $20 billion in disasters, the second highest ever. With every second the Senate delays action on bold climate investments, the cost of inaction only increases,” said Margie Alt, CAC Campaign Director. “Last year, the United States House of Representatives approved a historic $555 billion investment in climate, justice, jobs and clean energy. The climate cannot wait, the health of our families cannot wait, our communities cannot, and Congress must work with President Biden to implement urgent climate action.

“While our leaders fail to act with the urgency required by science, the climate crisis is putting families and communities across the country at risk. With bold investments in climate action and clean energy, we we can build a better future for all of us, reducing pollution and dangerous costs while creating well-paying jobs for millions of people,” said Liz Perera, Sierra Club Senior Director, Climate Policy and Federal Relations.

“There is no doubt that the climate crisis is having a disproportionate impact on Latin American communities and other communities of color, harming our health, our environment and the natural resources of Madre Tierra. As the cost of inaction continues to mount, we need bold solutions and investments in climate, clean energy and environmental justice. Our leaders must work together to move the climate forward now,” said Yadira Sanchez, Executive Director of Poder Latinx.

“Change the Chamber has raised awareness among policymakers over the past year of the high cost of inaction on climate change. CAC’s Cost of Inaction Ticker is an effective way to show people and make the case quickly the need for urgent action on the climate,” said Abigail Waldron, Youth Climate Fellow for Change the Chamber*Lobby for Climate. “In fact, research shows that we can achieve the science-based goals of climate action with up-to-date policies and investments in the areas of climate, justice and jobs. Thanks to CAC for sharing and developing this tool for better understanding to show that the climate does not wait!

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