Chili Davis offers scathing organization to Mets of rebuke

Speaking exclusively with Mike Puma from New York PostFormer batting coach Chili Davis gave the Mets organization a scathing criticism on Friday.

Although he pointed out that substitutes Hugh Quattlebaum and Kevin Howard were placed in an incredibly difficult position after replacing each other along with Tom Slater in May as head coach and hitting assistant, he was not. also nice to former interim general manager Zack Scott and Mets property.

“This organization needs a big turnaround, it needs to clean up,” Davis said in the interview. “Some of the people who have been around for so long during those dark years have to bring new faces and new baseball players. To be honest, I don’t think Zack Scott was a baseball player. He was the chief of analysis in Boston. … That’s where it belonged, in analytics.

Davis didn’t believe players like Michel Conforto, Dominic Smith and Jeff McNeil would have struggled the way they did if he and Slater hadn’t been sacked after just a month.

He also spoke of a game in April where his challenges in the analytics department highlighted the gulf between the people at the top and the coaches tasked with following their analytics data to the letter.

Facing Jake Arrieta, the analysis department cited his three previous starts to say he would only initiate his change 7% of the time. Chile, having been with the ball club the year before, recalled Jake throwing more changes against the Mets than that, especially in a September 2020 game in which he pitched the pitch 32 percent of the time . That night, Arrieta kicked off his change 14 percent of the time when the Mets lost, the Post stressed, affirming Chile’s belief that experience and analysis must go hand in hand.

“I see analytics as information. This could be good information, but will I coach only with analytics? No. Because numbers and computers and machines have their place, but when you’re dealing with human beings and you’re a hitting or pitching trainer or any type of trainer you have to deal with personalities, sometimes you have to deal with emotions. You have to face the psyche of some guys. I say this as a former player.

In the interview, Chili painted a picture of the Mets organization trusting the numbers rather than the baseball folks, a path Davis believes is one that baseball teams shouldn’t take far.

“I believe in my heart that Steve Cohen wants to win and I know that in his business analysis is important,” Davis said. “He’s a hedge fund man and analysis is important in this area and it should be because you deal with numbers every day. Just like baseball you are dealing with numbers, but you are also dealing with a lot of human elements in baseball. You never feel like a gamer every day, even when you are hot. Even when you swing well. You don’t go to the stadium every day and feel the same.

Chili Davis offers scathing organization to Mets of rebuke

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