Business groups denounce abuse and hate on social media ahead of Eleksyon 2022 GMA News Online

Filipino business groups have spoken out against disinformation and hate speech on social media ahead of the 2022 polls, which they say could have lasting effects going forward.

In a statement released on Monday, local business groups called on political actors to consider the impact of their social media efforts and urged them not to engage in “abuse” and urge their supporters to remain civilians.

Business groups have also called on operators of social media and other platforms to think about what they allow and disclose to the public the steps they are taking to tackle such abuses.

“Along with other members of society, the business community has observed with concern how social media, media and other platforms have been abused by multiple partners in recent years,” the statement said.

“They have been used to spread disinformation and hate speech, leading to mistaken beliefs, confusion and divisions. We are losing the trust and unity we need to work together to improve our lives, our livelihoods and our society, especially in the midst of the pandemic crisis, ”he added.

The statement was signed by the Bankers Association of the Philippines, the Cebu Business Council, the Chamber of Savings Banks, the Philippine Energy Lawyers Association and the Federation of Philippine Industrial Chambers of Commerce. Chinese.

The other signatories are the Filipina CEO Circle, the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines, the Integrity Initiative Inc., the Investment Houses Association of the Philippines and the Judicial Reform Initiative.

The declaration was also signed by the Management Association of the Philippines, the Makati Business Club, the Mindanao Business Council, the Philippine Business Council, the Philippine Business for Education, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Philippine Life Insurance Association, the Philippine Association of Retailers and Association of Subdivision and Housing Developers.

“We observe with concern how these abuses have increased during this election season. We fear that the damage will be lasting, ”the statement said.

“The abuse includes lies, personal attacks, trolling, misogyny, ‘red markings’ and many more, sometimes drawing people at risk for physical injury,” he added.

The business sector has recognized that it plays an important role in ad spending and has expressed support for the continued efforts to create tools that businesses and advertisers can use to help them with this assessment in the near future.

“Finally, we call on our compatriots to assess political actors as well as these media and communication platforms in the same terms, and to use their votes and their clicks to promote truth and civility in the next elections,” the statement said.

Elections Commission spokesman James Jimenez said last week that the 2022 polls were “unlikely” to be canceled due to a wave of COVID-19, but noted that it could be postponed in some regions.—LDF, GMA News

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