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The Isle of Man Photographic Society had a great evening learning about the inside story of professional photography from renowned local advertising, wedding, portrait and press photographer Andrew Barton.

Andrew is a graduate of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Master Photographers’ Association, and has worked on the island for many years.

Any child in your family will probably have had a school photo taken by them. Or you can have an Andrew Barton photo of yourself at your wedding or at work.

Often, weddings last all day, following the couple to a location for a sunset photo shoot, for example.

He started his career in a news agency, but quickly started working for private clients.

He made our members laugh with his anecdotes of taking pictures of very fragile richly decorated cakes, of white ice cream on a white background – a race against time before the product melted, of windows for a double glazing company, which insisted so that there are no reflections showing, food for a hotel, tiny parts of a very expensive disassembled watch, views from the windows of a house or beach photos for real estate agents.

Street views with no recognizable people and scenes of events like fireworks, where the client needed the location to be recognizable or to photograph a private plane at the airport and since he has a pilot’s license, the owner has said he could take it ‘anywhere’, after pulling it so Andrew suggested somewhere in the UK, but no he was allowed to wheel it around the airfield, not drive it to make fly!

Andrew has photographed many well known personalities, the Bee Gees, Sir Norman Wisdom, Dame Kelly Holmes, Rick Wakeman to name a few, as well as various Governors and many of our local politicians.

Unfortunately, he says, he never has time to take “his own” photos, unlike us regular club members.

The next meeting of the Isle of Man Photographic Society will take place on Wednesday March 2, when Andrew Cairns will present his images of Japan. All meetings are held at St. John Ambulance Headquarters on Glencrutchery Road in Douglas, with meetings starting at 7 p.m.

Full details of our program can be found on our Facebook page or on our website Meetings are open to the public with a modest entry fee for non-members and all will be warmly welcomed.

Ruth Nichols

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