10 best quotes in honor society

honor society was released July 29 on Paramount+. Starring Angourie Rice, this film tells the story of a girl named Honor who will do almost anything to secure a recommendation from her guidance counselor over three other top students.

This teen comedy features several complex characters who are much more than they seem. Their dialogue offers humor, inspiration, and aha moments that affect the entire mood of the film.

“A flyer is like a tweet that destroys the environment”


Emma in the movie Honor Society

The school’s guidance counselor hands out flyers for a performance he’s giving, and Emma gives this pretty cool metaphor that even she’s surprised she made up. But while that’s a good metaphor, it’s flawed.


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Emma is smart to suggest this, but she ignores recycling habits and generational differences that can be seen as exceptions to this statement. More than anything, this line is thought-provoking and the delivery is hilarious. Emma’s excitement about this idiom adds to the fun of the scene. She even decides to tweet the quote because she’s so proud of herself.

“Men don’t have to choose between love and power. Why a woman?


Gary in the honor society

It’s a line from Kennedy’s play, delivered by Queen Mary. Mary is portrayed by Gary kissing the Duke of Travis before sending him to his death.

honor society references The Handmaid’s Tale a lot, and though Honor compares herself to Offred, she admits she’s in control of how she presents herself. The same can be said for this line. Honor has always felt like Mary, but she realizes that unlike the Queen, she doesn’t have to hide to be taken seriously. Still, this line is beautiful, and it captures what it was like centuries ago when Mary ruled.

“I’m a nerd. It doesn’t mean I’m a good person.


Honor and Michael are sitting at the piano in Honor Society

In an epic movie plot, Honor discovers that Michael betrayed her. She tearfully asks how he could do this to her, how he could make her love her when it meant nothing to him.

Michael goes from being a fan-favorite character to one of the most despised in a single instant when it’s revealed that he was toying with Honor’s emotions the whole time. Honor wonders if he was pretending to be a nerd. While it’s clear that Michael is a bad guy, he knows labels only enforce stereotypes that are rarely true. It is this knowledge that allows him to manipulate Honor so easily.

“I don’t have his number. I don’t have anyone’s number.


Kennedy in the honor society

At the Drama Club, the members try to get their hands on one of the actors. They ask Kennedy to text her, but she doesn’t have his number or anyone’s for that matter.

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This line is super relatable for many viewers. It also tells the audience a lot about the character’s personality and where they fit in the social circle at the time. Kennedy is introverted and shy, and she never introduced herself because no one was ever interested in her. She has now found people who like her in the Drama Club, but she is still getting to know everyone and she is still working on opening up to them.

“These images…are there for a reason. So people will envy me.


Angourie Rice as Honor Rose in Honor Society streaming on Paramount+.

At the very beginning of the film, Honor explains to the audience that she is just trying to graduate from high school with the best grades and the best resume. She compares the photos on her bedroom wall to the photos she posts on Instagram.

At first, Honor seems like one of the most hateful protagonists of all time, but she’s not wrong. This is often how social media is used, as a way to make others feel bad because they don’t look or do extravagant things like big accounts and influencers do. Interestingly, it is the main character who actively does this. The main protagonist is usually the one who feels insecure because of someone else’s introduction. It’s an odd choice on the part of the creative team, but it certainly makes for great character development later on.

“I feel like I’m finally becoming me for the first time!”


Travis in the honor society

In an attempt to distract Travis from his schoolwork, Honor convinces him to join the Drama Club. While her plan works, it also works for Travis, and he thanks her for pushing her to join the show.

This line and this scene are magnificent. It’s because it wasn’t part of Honor’s plan that this scene is so brilliant and Honor’s character becomes redeemable. She was willing to sabotage Travis and Kennedy’s grades to have a better chance of getting into Harvard, but all she does is push them to do what they’ve always wanted to do and allow them to. be who they want to be.

“People don’t feel stupid around me…people are just stupid on their own.”


Gaten Matarazzo as Michael Dipnicky in Honor Society streaming on Paramount+.

Michael is at Honor for the first time to study. Honor lies and tells Michael that she feels stupid around him because he’s so smart, everyone else does. He responds with this devious comment.

Michael is an interesting character. It is revealed in the film’s third act that he used Honor, kissed her, and manipulated her into thinking he deserved to get into Harvard more than she did. Before it was revealed, this quote was funny and had charm. After the plot twist, this line just seems rude and conniving, a quote that sums up his personality. . It definitely leaves an imprint in the mind due to the different emotions it creates for viewers depending on the context.

“I wanted to get away from this town, but really, the only thing I was trying to get away from was me.”


Honor in Honor Society

At the very end of the film, Honor confronts why she was so determined to leave town for college and never return. She admits that rather than fleeing the city, she wanted to escape the person she is and is known in her city.

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honor society is filled with twists, turns, and shifting perspectives as Honor begins to realize the error of its ways. She starts this movie with a big ego and little care for anyone but herself. When she forces herself into the minds of her competitors and truly opens up to others, she experiences what it is to love and be loved. She finds genuine happiness once she stops running away from herself.

“Nothing is wrong with me. I’m gay. This is who I am!”


Armani Jackson as Travis Biggins in Honor Society streaming on Paramount+.

Travis goes out all over the school and confronts his father who also happens to be the school’s lacrosse coach. As Travis spends more time with the Drama Club, he becomes more comfortable in his own skin. When he finally goes out with his father, he confidently remarks that he is who he is, that he loves who he loves, and that there is nothing wrong with that.

It’s a powerful moment and one of the best LGBTQ+ arcs in 2022. Hopefully, this helps viewers struggling with similar internal struggles realize that they’re worth as much as anyone else.

“When you put your heart into it, it can take you anywhere.”


Marvin sits at the Honor Society table

Honor’s father has finally finished a personal project he was working on. He quotes a Kenny Rogers song and tells Honor that if she takes Kenny’s advice, she can do anything.

Although a minor character in the grand scheme of the film, Marvin is a huge source of inspiration. He had three jobs and a passion for woodworking. He loves his family and wants the best for his daughter. This line serves as her victory speech, but it’s also something Honor needed to hear right now. This is also advice that everyone should take to heart.

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